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Welcome to our Web Site.

It's funny but true, the name is Ridiculous Music Productions, our record company produces and releases hardcore House, African, Techno, Reggae, RnB, Garage, songs.
We specialise in signing Solo artist & Groups with funny name that have good material. With our fully equipped studio, professional Arranger, Producers and good engineers back up,
We assure great production and arrangement that kicks Dance floor.
Music type: Hilife, Dance, R&B, African world music, Pop, Soul, Reggae, Asian MusicHip, Garage etc.


Ridiculous Music,
our aim is to bring a smile to many faces.
We are focusing more on releasing bands, solo singers,
and songwriters that have funny songs, as we require.
We have already signed acts from the Nottingham,
London, Birmingham and Derby area...
Groups including: "SNEAKY DOG" song title, Sneaky Dog
"LOVE&DESMOND" song title, ..?
"FAT DRUM" song title, Essential Freedom
"SKY BREAK DANCERS" song title, ?
"LOVE ISAACS" song title, Ginger Lover
& TRIPLE S song title, Teddy Bear
The UK acts set to make their mark.

For free Information of our, Hilife, Dance, R&B, Pop, Soul, Hip Hop and Garage artists Releases tour info. & special appearances, Contact us.
Stars Building 10, Silverhill Close Nott, NG8 6 QL UK
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Send your demo tapes to the a&r team! at the above address.