Taiko Drummers

This show is something else... it unique drumming show as theatre, but also drumming as an almost religious experience.. Exhilarating to behold. Even if you've seen them before, you'll be again amazed.

Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers
Mugenkyo tour throughout most of the year, with sell-out concerts as far apart as Belfast, Dusseldorf and Osaka. Two hours in length, their concert is a powerful fusion of primal rhythm, dance and athleticism, encompassing every mood from the intense "Ikkyo", to the hypnotic "Kuzuryu" - based on the legend of the nine-headed dragon, to the happy festival atmosphere of "Matsuri", to the subtle and atmospheric"Uchiwa" using masks and gentle bells to complement the thunderous power of the Taiko drums. Their repertoire includes both traditional pieces and original compositions, with inspiration drawn from different areas of Japan. Mugenkyo are committed to preserving traditional forms of Taiko, but also promoting innovative new work, including collaborations that cut across artistic disciplines Taiko is festival music, and Mugenkyo have continued this tradition in Britain, performing at a wide range of festivals and special outdoor concerts, from Glastonbury and Phoenix festivals to the Edinburgh Festival and Henley, cutting across the musical spectrum. The powerful rhythms played on Taiko drums and percussion imported from Japan, and highly choreographed performance has a very broad appeal, attracting audiences of all ages and backgrounds.
Mugenkyo is Europe's foremost, exponent of the exciting and dynamic art of Taiko (Japanese drumming). The group was established in 1994 on their return to Britain after two years of intensive training on the West Coast of Japan, under Taiko master Masaaki Kurumaya. Mugenkyo perform over 100 concerts a year at theatres, arts centres and festivals, throughout Britain, Europe and Japan. Using powerful Taiko rhythms, gentle percussion, costume and highly choreographed movement, Mugenkyo have developed a style of drumming with international appeal. Mugenkyo is the leading force of Taiko in Europe, pushing musical boundaries, astounding and enthralling audiences everywhere.
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